MJR joins FTA

MJR joins FTAThe Freight Transport Association is a very special trade association for a number of reasons. Not only is it one of the largest associations, whichever way you may choose to measure it – number of members, number of employees, range of services etc. – but it is also special in that it takes care of such an important function necessary within almost every business operation, namely the need to deliver the goods to the customer as economically and efficiently as possible.

FTA has been providing quality support and advice to its members for over 125 years and we at Matthew James Removals could not be prouder to have been accepted as an International Member of this prestigious association that has assisted the transport industry through such monumental changes as the removal of EU customs barriers, the privatisation of British Rail and the opening of the QEII bridge in Dartford (which is right next to our headquarters!).

As well as looking forward to reaping the rewards of joining FTA from a logistics perspective, we are also honoured to be joining the association in their support for Transaid. Transaid is an international charity that seeks to reduce poverty in some of the world’s poorest countries by investing in Transport. The charity partners with local communities, governments, donors and other charitable organisations to facilitate the exchange of skills and knowledge. This collaborative approach enables Transaid to provide innovative solutions to some of the key challenges facing transport and development today.