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It is of up-most importance that good quality packing materials are used when it comes to moving home. Using thin board and single wall boxes as a way of saving cost is a false economy! These boxes will tend to crush when stacked and can damage your goods!

Matthew James buy the best quality boxes available. All our boxes are made from double wall material. The smaller boxes are a minimum of 200 craft board quality and the larger boxes are 400 craft board quality.

Our boxes range from small book boxes, to large picture boxes, right the way up to our plasma TV box. See selection and sizes below for a guide to your requirements.



One of our most important boxes.

It’s surprising how many small, but vital items can go missing when moving home. At Matthew James Removals we have designed and fabricated our own, very special bespoke boxes specifically for those items that tend to get lost in transit. It’s bright yellow in colour, so not easy to miss, and is always listed as # 1 on the inventory if we’re moving you internationally. We’ve even printed ‘# 1’ on the box itself! The small parts from every item that we dismantle for you will be wrapped and labelled to identify from which room and furniture item the parts came and then placed inside the ‘Bitz Box’.

You can rest assured when you move with Matthew James Removals that every item, right down to the last nuts and bolts, will arrive safely at its destination.



  • Complimentary selection of export quality, double-wall boxes
  • Hanging wardrobe boxes (upon request)
  • Quilted sofa covers for all suites and armchairs
  • Carpet & stair protectors
  • Bespoke picture boxes
  • Flat screen TV boxes
  • Thick, high quality plastic mattress covers for all sizes
  • Industrial strength cotton blankets
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