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Moving to or from Brussels? We have regular removals to Brussels services.

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At Matthew James Removals we have the local knowledge and industry experience to manage all of your relocation needs, wherever in Brussels you choose to move. With 3 generations of experience, a customised vehicle fleet and frequent services, you can be sure you’re in the most capable hands in Brussels.


  • Range of tailored services
  • Depots in Madrid, Barcelona & Costa del Sol
  • Weekly moving services
  • Dedicated team of professionals
  • Door-to-door care
  • Customs clearance assistance
  • Years of local knowledge
  • 3 generations of experience
  • Customised vehicle fleet
  • Bespoke crating
  • BAR, IAM and ISO 9001 accredited
  • Superior quality packing materials
  • All loads inventoried by our own staff
  • Meticulous attention to detail

The capital of NATO and the EU, Brussels has become a popular expat destination due to its high quality of life, its calm climate, and its jobs market. The capital city of Belgium is a fantastic option for whenever needs you might have. Fun fact, the country is the birthplace of the French Fry!
The Chemical, electronics, transport, and medical industries are big employers in the city. Finding these jobs isn’t too different from finding a job in any other city, but here are some good options to help find that next big job online. Often expats making the move to Brussels for career prospects are driven, highly paid, and young. This strong work culture does have some benefits, as 5 – 6 weeks of holiday are entitled on average to each employee. Two languages are spoken fluently in the city, French and Flemish, so an understanding of either is advantageous, but not as crucial as many residents already speak English to a high degree. But do remember, the French side of business tends to be more formal and the Dutch side more informal.

Weekly UK to Brussels removals services

At Matthew James Removals we offer regular services to and from Brussels, throughout the year. From dedicated removals to shared-loads or even single items, we offer a service to meet your requirements. Our expertise, know-how, local knowledge and specialist vehicles make us the obvious choice for moving to Brussels.


We are proud to be BAR International Associates (British Association of Removers) and members of IAM; the world’s largest trade association for the global moving industry. Our management systems have been assessed to ISO 9001 standards.

Our storage facilities in Europe

All of our depots in the UK and Spain offer fully containerised storage facilities in modern and secure warehouses. Shared-loads are consolidated at our depots in the UK and Spain for onwards transport to Brussels and beyond.


Your consignment is automatically covered up to £50,000 for total loss in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as a fire or flood. In addition to this we can arrange a full-cover insurance policy via our brokers upon request.

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STIB-MIVB runs the city’s transport system. You can find all of the different maps to help you get around the city, but suffice to say that Brussels has a great transport system. One ticket can be used on different types of transport as they are all owned by the same company. With only 6 overlapping lines, the metro system is easy to navigate. But it must be said not many are accessible to those with mobility issues, so make sure you carefully plan your route if you are in need of a stairless entrance or exit. You are in luck if cycling is your preferred mode of transport, and the city is well equipped with many cycle lanes. But beware, Brussels is a not a level city, so you might have to be of moderate fitness to be able to deal with the many hills etc.
Brussels is a city of neighbourhoods, and there are 19 different postcodes to choose from. Popular expat areas include Brussels city. Major renovation works has injected some welcome charm to the area, and as you will be at the heart of the city, everything is on your doorstep (this all comes with an increase is property prices). Ixelles is the most diverse commune in the city with its eclectic entertainment offerings. As Brussels is so international, there are many options when is comes to school for English speaking kids. Either the British International School or Junior Academy are just two great options.
Finding things to do isn’t too difficult. Get inspired by the 15th Century Grand Palace. Brussels has its own Gothic Cathedral, the 14th Century Notre Dame Du Sablon. Multifaceted arts buildings also play a vital role in Brussel’s entertainment industry. The once grand botanical garden turned arts centre, the Admire Le Botanique, is a great place to take the family. You can also bathe in the summer sun and enjoy a picnic at the Parc Du Cinquantenaire.


Brussels Ville – Etterbeek – Ixelles – Woluwe Saint Pierre – Woluwe-Saint Lambert – Watermael-Boitsfort – Saint-Josse-ten-Noode – Schaerbeek – St Gilles – Tervuren – Uccle

The below regions are also within our relocation and removal service areas;

Antwerp – Bruges – Gent – Genval – Leuven – Liège – Louvain-la-Neuve – Tervuren – Waterloo

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