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Moving to or from Corsica? We have regular vehicles servicing all of your France relocation needs.

From Abedeen to Arrundal or Bastia to Birmingham; let Matthew James take the stress out of your removal to Corsica or across Europe.



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At Matthew James Removals we have the local knowledge and industry experience to manage all of your relocation needs, wherever in Corsica you choose to move. With 3 generations of experience, a customised vehicle fleet and frequent services, you can be sure you’re in the most capable hands in Corsica.

Reasons to relocate to Corsica with Matthew James…

  • Range of tailored services
  • Depots in Madrid, Barcelona & Costa del Sol
  • Weekly moving services
  • Dedicated team of professionals
  • Door-to-door care
  • Customs clearance assistance
  • Years of local knowledge
  • 3 generations of experience
  • Customised vehicle fleet
  • Bespoke crating
  • BAR, IAM and ISO 9001 accredited
  • Superior quality packing materials
  • All loads inventoried by our own staff
  • Meticulous attention to detail

One of the Mediterranean’s best-kept secrets is undoubtedly Corsica. Some 1,000kms from the mainland capital of Paris, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, is the indisputably beautiful island of Corsica. French in language but Italian in style, Corsica offers expats a slower place of life amongst stunning natural surroundings. Moving to Corsica enables you have your own little slice of this captivating island – but don’t go telling everyone, it’s still a secret!

Weekly services to Corsica

At Matthew James Removals we offer regular services to and from Corsica, throughout the year. From dedicated removals to shared-loads or even single items, we offer a service to meet your requirements. Our expertise, know-how, local knowledge and specialist vehicles make us the obvious choice for moving to Corsica.


We are proud to be BAR International Associates (British Association of Removers) and members of IAM; the world’s largest trade association for the global moving industry. Our management systems have been assessed to ISO 9001 standards.

Our storage facilities in Europe

All of our depots in the UK and Spain offer fully containerised storage facilities in modern and secure warehouses. Shared-loads are consolidated at our depots in the UK and Spain for onwards transport to Corsica and beyond.


Your consignment is automatically covered up to £50,000 for total loss in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as a fire or flood. In addition to this we can arrange a full-cover insurance policy via our brokers upon request.

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Birthplace of Napoleon, Corsica has a rich and varied history. Originally belonging to Italy and occupied by Britain at several points in its recent history – and even the USA in the Second World War – Corsica has developed its own distinctive culture and dialect. From the bustling capital of Bastia in the north of the island to the breath-taking coastlines of the west and south, Corsica has something for everyone. This picturesque island offers expats an incredible variety of golden beaches, towering mountain ranges, untouched forests and peaceful lakes, all waiting to be explored by you.

Although around 2 million tourists are attracted to Corsica each year, tourism has not spoiled the island. The main resorts do get busy in the holiday season but there are still plenty of mountain towns, sleepy villages and vacant beaches for you to enjoy.

Moving around Corsica is easy and enjoyable as there are no complicated roads and everywhere you drive is so scenic. Corsica is also easily accessible by air and has four airports in the towns of Calvi, Bastia, Figari and Ajaccio. The cheapest and easiest way to get to Corsica is by sea. This way you can admire the stunning Corscian coastline and enjoy the refreshing Mediterranean Sea breeze aboard one of its regular ferry services from Italy.

Once you have moved to Corsica, you will need to apply for residency at your local town hall (or Commune – Ufficio Anagrafe). This will enable you to apply for permanent residency in Corsica after 5 years if you are a EU or EEA citizen. It is also important to obtain your Italian tax code (or codice fiscale), which you can acquire from the Italian Consulate. This tax code is crucial to living in Corsica and is necessary for many day-to-day tasks, such as opening bank accounts, finding a job, setting up a phone line and buying a car. For further information on the admin involved in moving to Corsica please visit the UK government’s guide to living in Italy here.


Ajaccio  –  Porto-Vecchio  –  Calvi  –  Ile Rousse  –  Bastia  –  Bonifacio  –  Saint-Florent  –  Corte  –  Calvi  –  Ile Rousse  –  Sartène  –  Centuri

The below areas are also within our relocation and removal service areas;

Aquitaine  –  Paris  –  The Alps  –  Provence  –  Languedoc-Roussillon  –  Riviera  –  Brittany  –  Pays-de-la-Loire  –  Loire-Atlantique  –  Nouvelle-Aquitaine  –  Occitanie  –  Dordogne

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