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Bronze Service
MJR Accreditations


Our Bronze service is designed for people who have a little more time on their hands, and are happy to pack all the boxes themselves. We will blanket-wrap all the larger items and move everything with care.

All our packing cartons and materials are specially designed for moving home both locally and overseas. They are strong enough to stack in the vehicle or container, without crushing, so that everything is protected properly throughout the journey.

Our boxes range from small book boxes, to large picture boxes, right the way up to our plasma TV box.

What's Expected ...

From Us

Collection of all furniture / personal effects as agreed at the point of quotation
Carpet and stair protectors
Bitz Box for the bed bits and various fittings
Bespoke boxes for TV's and large pictures packed by our crews
Full, detailed, coloured and numbered inventory (not required for UK moves)
Mattresses, sofas and armchairs wrapped in high-quality, thick plastic bags
Packing materials / boxes supplied and delivered if agreed at the point of survey
Hanging wardrobe boxes if agreed with your surveyor or move manager

From You

Packing of all fragile items such as glass and china etc.
Packing of all non-fragile items such as clothes, books, pots and pans etc.
Export wrapping / unwrapping service including removal of debris
Dismantling and reassembling of beds (can be added as an optional extra)
Disconnect and reconnect washing machine and dishwasher
Unpacking of all goods from boxes
Bronze Service
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