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One of our move managers will contact you shortly to confirm a time.


One of our move managers will contact you shortly to confirm a time.


We offer storage in London, Barcelona, Madrid and Estepona. Our warehouses are clean, dry, secure and have sophisticated alarm systems.


Containerised storage is fast, safe, economic and keeps handling to a minimum. Unlike conventional or self storage, your goods are only handled twice: into a sealed container at your door; out of the container at your new home. The container is not opened and your goods will not be handled again at the warehouse, no matter how long they stay with us.

We understand that the things you store with us are precious to you – otherwise you wouldn’t be storing them. We treat everything with the highest level of care, just as you would yourself. All our storage facilities are fully insured for your peace of mind.


If you advise us when you would like to bring your items into store we will make sure we have empty containers waiting for you ready to be loaded. The containers will then be sealed and stored away until you are ready to collect them. While they are in our warehouse your personal effects will be insured against total loss; additional insurance can be arranged depending on your requirements. Our containers are 5ft x 7ft x 8ft. You can use as many containers as you need from as little as one day onwards. The longer you require storage the more competitive the cost will be. We also offer an extensive range of packing materials for sale at affordable prices.


Our archive storage service provides safe storage for your important documents to help you release valuable space in your office. You can have as many storage boxes as you need. While in store all your boxes can be made accessible to you and at no time are racking shelves shared. We can also arrange a regular collection and delivery service for your files to help keep your working space clear.

When your old files are no longer required, we can arrange for them to be securely shredded in line with your document management policy. If you have props or PR equipment we can store them for you and make them available whenever they are required – or we can deliver them straight to your event if you prefer.

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