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If you’re looking for an experienced international removal service for your move to, or from India, choose Matthew James.

Take the stress out of your move to India and let Matthew James handle every detail.



One of our move managers will contact you shortly to confirm a time.


One of our move managers will contact you shortly to confirm a time.


At Matthew James Removals we have the local knowledge and industry experience to handle all of your relocation needs, wherever in India you choose to move. With 3 generations of experience, a customised vehicle fleet and frequent services, you can be sure you’re in the most capable hands in India.

Reasons to relocate to India with Matthew James…

  • Complete door to door service
  • Export wrapping and packing services
  • Unpacking and re-assembly services
  • International shipping inventory
  • Dedicated and groupage consignments
  • Customs clearance assistance
  • International deep sea insurance cover
  • 3 generations of experience
  • Customised vehicle fleet
  • Bespoke crating
  • IAM, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited
  • Superior quality packing materials
  • All loads inventoried by our own staff
  • Meticulous attention to detail

Shipping abroad can be complex with each country’s customs requirements and local regulations being different. The precise cost for
shipping or air freight will depend on the exact size (and sometimes the weight) of your consignment.

We recommend air freight if you require your effects promptly. If you wish to ship most or all of your household effects we recommend the use of a dedicated container.

For smaller shipments, we recommend our part load (groupage) service as the most practical and cost effective option. The exact price will depend on the cubic capacity, container size, and service required. Part loads will be returned to our warehouse for consolidation and loading. Full load containers can be loaded directly at your home if the access allows.

Our export packing service provides a detailed inventory for customs and is suitable for use with ‘all risk’ marine insurance cover.

Regular services to India…

At Matthew James Removals we offer regular services to and from India, throughout the year. From dedicated removals to shared-­loads or even single items, we offer a service to meet your requirements. Our expertise, know-­how, local knowledge and specialist vehicles make us the obvious choice for moving to India.


Our company has been accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We are members of IAM (International Association of Movers), the world’s largest trade association for the global moving industry.

Matthew James International Shipping

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Thinking of moving to India? We don’t blame you. One of the largest countries in the world with one of the fastest growing economies, India is a land of opportunity for any expats looking for somewhere different to relocate. From alpine mountains in the north to tropical rain-forests in the south India has something for everyone. Variety is one of the many spices to be found in India with its diversity of cuisine, culture and climates.

India has been one of the global centres of commerce for centuries. From the days of the Mughal Empire to the present day, India has dominated everything from the spice trade to manufacturing to software development. It’s the exciting employment opportunities that have led to the recent increase in people seeking the expat life in the Indian subcontinent. Expats from all over the world – and especially in Europe – have chosen to settle in India in recent years attracted by the job prospects, spirituality and low living costs. Even in major cities such as Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata the cost of living is significantly lower than in most western countries.

Whilst India does have a public healthcare system, it’s advised to take out comprehensive private health insurance to ensure you receive the best possible service. Public healthcare may be cheaper but waiting times are often long and hospitals are regularly overcrowded.
Similarly, there are a variety of public schools available in India but for British expats, English-­speaking international schools are perhaps your best choice.

India is a country of 1.3 billion people making it the second-­most populous nation on the planet. It’s no surprise then that the people of India speak at least 22 languages. Whilst Hindi is the official language of India – spoken by around 30% of the population – English is also widely spoken, being the main language of business, education and government. As with living in any new country, making the effort to learn the local dialect will go a long way in making your day-­to-­day life easier.

When it comes to the admin side of moving to India, getting a visa is quite straightforward. There are various visas available for anyone
looking to relocate to India, including business, employment and long-­term entry visas. For more information on the best visa options for
you, please visit the Indian Bureau of Immigration website. If you are planning to remain in India for more than 180 days you must
register at the Foreigners’ Regional Registration Office (FRRO) within 14 days of arriving in the country.

Popular Places to live in India

Pune – Bangalore – Delhi – Mumbai – Goa – Pondicherry – Auroville – Mysore – Varanasi – Chennai – Allahabad – Hyderabad

The below areas are also within our relocation and removal service areas;

Jaipur – Surat – Ahmedabad – Sharjah – Umm al-­Quwain – Kolkata

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